Getting close now

If you noticed a pause in communication, you were right. I was exploring different directions to take with this project and had to make some decisions. I have also been tightening and fine tuning the games. I will be ready to sell them soon. In fact, if you contact me right now I will make arrangements to get one to you. It will just require a little patience as right now I’m producing them as they are asked for.

So, take a look at the games here: “The games”, pick one out, and then send me an email and I’ll make arrangements to get one to you. That’s how we’ll roll between now and when I get a regular pipeline set up.

Wow, what a ride!

Steampunk! Pushing this one over the line

Working on the Lilly’s Hotel art, this is the Steampunk murder mystery. The cowboy one, Done in Out of Prescott Junction,” is ready for anyone who would like to buy a copy. Currently I am selling them one off, meaning I print it when you buy it. It’s not the way to make money, but it’s a way to build a fan base.

Here is a detail of some of the art for Lilly’s Hotel. This is really a fun game with some unusual things happening. I will be getting this one ready to sell soon.

The ancient Egyptian game “Nefru’s Last Night on the Nile” can be bought as well. That artwork was done quite a while ago. It is the most played of the games, one of my first to be written. Those who have played it have really enjoyed it and the characters are fun. That story line has a lot of plot twists and surprises.

There are two more murder mystery games, “The Beatnik who wasn’t beat, but was shot”, and “A Night to Remember, the Prom Murder,” that are up next for final art. They have quite a bit done, but I need to polish it all up.

The art is very important to me. I believe that the photos, maps, and drawings all contribute to being drawn into the story making it more real.

Contact me if you would like to purchase any of these games. I don’t have an official sales portal yet, but you can start enjoying these games right now if you want.


Whoops! A month went by.

In my quest to market the murder mystery party game I have begun to reach out to others for advice and support. I have been fortunate enough to find some people who really know what they are talking about and they have offered some great suggestions.

Todos Santos Mexico

We spent two weeks in Todos Santos, which was a fabulous and enchanting experience rescuing turtles, swimming with whale sharks and doing some fishing too. Now I am back and ready to dive into this project with a fresh perspective.

Box cover art for “Done In Out of Prescott Junction”

What next?

So, besides a bunch of technical stuff, I have a few goals to reach, with your help of course. Before I start the Kickstarter campaign I need to build a community of supporters who love the games. The best way to do that is to give more people access to the game. So I will be working next on making the games available for sale. Making them one at a time by hand will not be profitable, but it will get the games out there.

What do you think?

So, amongst this group now, what source do you think would be best to offer the games through? Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or what?
At this moment I have one game that is actually fully designed and ready for sale, “Done In Out of Prescott Junction”. I will put the others up once I finish the art for them.

So let me know what you think please!

Working on Steampunk art

Lilly’s Hotel is the working title for the steampunk, seance, murder mystery party game. One of the five that I will be offering when I start my Kickstarter campaign.

Currently I am working on the art for the game. When I write these I usually create some core illustrations and graphics for the play testing. Now I need to refine and expand on the art.

This is a Cornucopia3D image of one of their 3D models they sell – Here’s their page

In Lilly’s Hotel story there is a steampunk style hot air balloon tethered to the roof. I am currently working on the illustration of the hotel and have done some research on steampunk airship visuals. The whole category is so fascinating that I decided to share some with you here on this post.

Here is a link to some images I have found –

How can I help?

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