Choose your next murder mystery party game here.

Easy to play, simple to host, made to be fun.

8-12 players dress up as a character and use clues to solve which one committed the murder.

Story introduction
Character narratives 
Police report
Crime scene images
Witness statements
Map of the scene

Use online resources to create invitations, find costume suggestions, and other ideas to put on a great game!

Beatnik murder mystery

Poetry, coffee, art, seduction, and death in the beat generation world.

Steampunk murder mystery

It’s a seance in the Steampunk world. Guess what? Death is death.

Cowboy murder mystery

A bunch of cowboys on a train out west. What could go wrong?

Egyptian murder mystery

Ancient Egyptians with age old greed, lust, scandal, and man’s oldest crime.

’80s Prom murder mystery

Every high school kid’s dream, every “night of the prom” nightmare.