A few words from fans

Here are some comments from people who have play tested the games. I hope you are ready to jump into the fun too!

Audrey wrote…

“A great way to get a group of friends together, dress up and have a game themed potluck, we had a blast!. It’s something different than your usual backyard gathering! Our group can’t wait for the next game!”

Our group can’t wait for the next game!

Rose wrote…

“Fabulous Interactive murder mystery games, they keep evolving and are even more fun and intriguing. I enjoy the extensive social interaction and learning certain details of the crime through evidence, eavesdropping, and questioning other characters. The latest game STEAMPUNK game was awesome!”

I enjoy the extensive social interaction.

Joanna wrote…

“Dressing up, setting the scene with decorations, music, and themed food, getting into character, reading clues, and then matching wits with the murderer is an exciting and gripping experience. Time flies and before you know it accusations fly and the mystery is solved.”

Matching wits with the murderer is exciting.

What is the Kickstarter campaign?

A way for you to help me print and offer my murder mystery party games to the world.

Kickstarter is a crowd funding web site. You can post a project with a description and the amount of money needed to complete it. Then people can read about the project and pledge money to support it in exchange for rewards. The pledges are not collected unless the total amount of the goal is raised in pledges.

So if I needed $6000 to print 100 copies of each of my murder mystery party games that would be my goal. The reward for pledging money could be a copy of one of the games for a $30 pledge, or two games for $50, or three games for $70. for a really big pledge, like $100, I could use your name for one of the characters, or for a $300 pledge i could develop a story line idea you have and give you credit for the story concept. I don’t know exactly how much I need to raise yet, or what the rewards will be. Keep an eye on this web site over the next six months as that develops.

More important than just pledging though, you know other people who would be interested in these games and letting them know about the Kickstarter campaign and sending them to the site would help tremendously. It takes a lot of pledges to reach a goal. Especially the people that have play tested these games, your personal testimonials about how interesting the stories were and how much fun they were to play will make this happen.

I will keep you posted as to when I start the Kickstarter campaign. For now, if you all could direct your friends, family, and acquaintances to this website, that would be extremely helpful.

Thank you,

Welcome to my murder mystery party game start-up

Short version of what I’m up to, more to come later.

Many years ago I started writing murder mystery party games for six to twelve players. Those games were a hit with the people that play tested them, but life interfered and I had to set them aside.

Fast forward to the present, I went back and finished them up and wrote some more. We have play tested those games and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, people loved them! They keep asking me when I will make them available to everyone. In the coming months I will be planning a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough capital to print copies of the game for sale. Why don’t you join in the fun and help me fulfill a dream?

That’s it. If you are interested, or are a supporter, leave a comment or question below.

Thank you,