The Beatnik who wasn’t beat, but was shot

In the medium sized town of Richmond, north of San Francisco, is a flourishing beatnik community. It’s not a big time city but they have gained notoriety for their poetry and art. Richmond has the typical big city intrigues of politics and the art business. Drugs, wild music, orgies, political scandals, reactionaries and revolutionaries, wild philosophers and even some bikers are all part of the scene.
Throw into the mix characters with criminal backgrounds, frustrated writers, fake artists and fake beatniks and you have a recipe for the oldest crime known to man.
Get out your bongos, berets, some Jazz, red wine, spaghetti, and garlic bread and you will set the mood for this titillating tale of coooool cat intrigue.

This is so funny, I just had to include this link: Biker vs. writer


Patty Filmore
The stunning and sexy, beat poet of Richmond … well, she did get one poem in the culture section of the Richmond times. But for a poor poet she always seems pretty well dressed. In fact, she is a fashion plate, dressed in the most avant grade clothes. Everyone knows that she is crazy about Bill. Costume suggestions here

John Barron
The suave and successful artisté of Richmond, John is a real hustler and a go getter. He is always in the middle of the action, and he does an amazing amount of quite good work. The opening at the gallery was for his newest collages. There was a huge crowd, but the show was interrupted by a murder. Costume suggestions here

Alicia Rogers
The cute little perfect beatnik. She floats around in her own world, talking to the flowers and staring at people. It is obvious to everyone, especially Beatrice, that Alicia is crazy about Bill. She practically throws herself at him. It must have been quite a shock for her to find his dead body in the utility room.  Costume suggestions here

The gruff but generous owner of the Coffee House. Oscar keeps to himself, but he has always supported the beatniks and opens his Coffee House to them for poetry readings and rap sessions. The only person that gets him riled is Beatrice. It is obvious that he worships her. But she is… was, in love with Bill. Costume suggestions here

Beatrice Faust
Beatrice and Bill Klesch live together, not far from the Coffee House. She stuck with him while he struggled to succeed as a poet, only to loose him just as he was about to achieve that success. Beatrice has written some poetry too. In fact she is one of the hardest working artists of all the beats in Richmond. Costume suggestions here

An insecure small time drug dealer, Frankie is always broke, always high, and always seems to be in trouble with either the law or thugs. The people he has connections with are many, and often surprising. And if there is anything illegal going on around Richmond, Frankie is probably involved.
Costume suggestions here

Dottie Williams
She came into town a year ago and opened a new gallery. She seems to be doing quite well, although she doesn’t seem to sell much. Dottie has always seemed to be the quiet, practical type. What she did though, the night Bill Klesch was killed, will be the talk of the town for years to come.
Costume suggestions here

The square, but very successful reporter. In fact, Ted always seems to be where the action is and gets the inside scoop at city hall. It is obvious that he is crazy about Alicia. But she is too crazy about Bill to notice him. Ted was covering the exciting gallery opening when Bill was found dead.
Costume suggestions here