Done in out of Prscott Junction

In a train headed out west from Chicago are all the western dreams. Starting a new life, striking it rich, and escaping the law. There are your typical conflicts as well, water, money, land, women, fighting, killing, and just general out west rowdiness. It’s a long slow trip and the passengers are restless, so a galloping train robbery might seem like a nice break from the monotony. Boredom leads to other activities too, you probably know what I mean.

This big as the western sky story has just about everything you’d expect from a true western, plus some mysterious cursed tunnels, cattle, and a murder. Which, in the general picture of things, probably isn’t all that surprising.


Heck Smith
An outlaw since fourteen years old, you currently work as a cowhand part time and a thief when you can get away with it. Most people know your reputation, but if they don’t, your demeanor leaves no doubt you are a very dangerous man.
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Mary Sopper
From a wealthy family back East, two years ago you met a dashing young man, Clyde Sopper, and married him. But his businesses have failed and this trip out West is yours and Clyde’s last chance to make a go of it. You intend to open a mercantile. 
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Elizabeth Pringle
You have been going to a girl’s college back East. For the summer break you are visiting out West. Your father is a partner in the railroad you are riding. You may look like just a school girl, but you have more going on than meets the eye. 
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Jim Pringle
Since you were a kid your younger brother has always been the successful golden boy and you have always been the looser. It was humiliating to accept the job of Engineer on his railway but you had no choice, you needed the job. 
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Heda Rose
You run a cat house in San Diego. You run a clean establishment and you keep a low profile so the citizens don’t complain. But that doesn’t work with everybody. Sometimes in your business you have to be tougher  with the customers. 
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Franklin Richmond
You are a rich railroad tycoon. Your partner, Randall Pringle and you started out with a little money and a lot of hard work. You may have money and influence, but some people are just stubborn and need another kind of personal convincing. 
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Clyde Sopper
Born to the sea faring life, you worked hard and became the captain of a cargo ship. You met Mary in a ship chandlery that belonged to her family. You fell in love and married her. Now you are desperate fo start a business her family will approve of.
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Beulah Raintree
A rich, self made rancher, you have just signed a lucrative cattle contract in Chicago and you are on your way back to the home. Ranching can be a tough life, and your neighbors tougher, but you have the grit for it. A strong woman few cross carelessly.
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