Done in out of Prscott Junction

In a train headed out west from Chicago are all the western dreams. Starting a new life, striking it rich, and escaping the law. There are your typical conflicts as well, water, money, land, women, fighting, killing, and just general out west rowdiness. It’s a long slow trip and the passengers are restless, so a galloping train robbery might seem like a nice break from the monotony. Boredom leads to other activities too, you probably know what I mean.

This big as the western sky story has just about everything you’d expect from a true western, plus some mysterious cursed tunnels, cattle, and a murder. Which, in the general picture of things, probably isn’t all that surprising.


Heck Smith
You have been an outlaw since you were fourteen years old. You are a cowhand part time and a thief when you can get away with it.

Mary Sopper
You are from a wealthy family back East. Two years ago you met a dashing young man, Clyde Sopper, and married him. This trip out West is your and Clyde’s last chance to make a go of it, you will start a mercantile.

Elizabeth Pringle
You have been going to a girl’s college in the East. For summer break you are visiting out West. Your father owns the railroad you are riding.

Jim Pringle
Since you were a kid your younger brother has always been successful and you have always been a looser. It was humiliating to accept the job of Engineer on his railway but you had no choice, you were broke.

Heda Rose
You run a cat house in San Diego. Your place is a clean establishment and you keep a low profile so the citizens don’t complain.

Franklin Richmond
You are a rich railroad tycoon. Your partner, Randall Pringle and you started out with a little money and a lot of hard work.

Clyde Sopper
You grew up around ships. As a young man you worked hard and became the captain of a cargo ship. You met Mary in a ship chandlery office that belonged to her family.

Beulah Raintree
You are a rich rancher. You have just sold a herd in Chicago and you are on your way back to the ranch.