This prom’s killer

Remember the excitement and glamour of your Senior Prom? Well now you can relive it, 1980s style.
This could be any American school, with prom queens and kings, jocks, geeks, dopers, losers, and even the well liked, super cool drug dealer. Don’t you remember how fun it all was?
Only on this particular prom night there’s little more going on than your typical spiked punch and necking. There is some real murder and mayhem of the large scale variety. By the end of the night you will be shocked and astonished and will have lost a considerable amount of respect for your fellow students.
Throw on that boutonniere, squeeze into the tiny gown, fluff your hair big and get ready to boogey on down with some punch, finger sandwiches, cookies, and a cheap high school rock n’ roll band.


Caroline Powers
The Prom Queen who is shy, socially awkward, acts weird, and dresses in old fashioned clothes. She is also clumsy and seems to knock things over a lot. This year she was, to everyone’s surprise, elected Prom Queen. Chase Tremelake the Prom King made her nervous, but they eventually became friendly.
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Julie Young
Ms. Young is a teacher at McKinley High School. She is friendly, beautiful, and very young, barely older than her students. This has lead to students speculating that she is having an affair with the school football hero, Jake Harris. Boy, how rumors can fly! Julie is always bright and happy with a big smile.  Costume suggestions here

Jake Harris
The supper talented football hero that everyone likes, especially the girls. Jakes sole interest in life though is football. He plans to play for the highest ranking college team he can get on to, and then go pro. He carries a ball with him all the time. He is friendly to all, but really only cares to talk about the game.
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Chase McFarland
The high school drug dealer. He is cool and hip and most of the students at McKinley like him. There is a scary side though, he is pretty deeply connected with the local drug suppliers. He also has enemies in the student ranks. He is always nervous about cops and constantly checking to see if he is being followed.
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Jim Williams
A student at McKinley High that is very friendly, but no one knows very well. He is somewhat of a loner and seems mature for his age. In fact, his most outstanding characteristic is that he has no outstanding characteristics. He doesn’t chat, but will ask pointed questions sometimes.
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Bernard Alexandre
Science nerd that no one particularly likes, and that seems a little too weird. He has morbid interests which he shares with some students. In particular, a fascination with death, or more exactly, the methods of death. He is very intelligent and doesn’t mind letting others know. He would like to have a girlfriend.
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Tracy Lawrence
A McKinley High School English teacher and tennis coach. Very athletic and serious, but there have been some serious accusations made about her relationships with students. By all outward appearances though she is a typical, somewhat strict, middle aged, high school English teacher.
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Heather Morgan
The hottest chick at McFarland High. She intimidates nearly all the high school boys who, naturally, all have a crush on her. Unfortunately for them, she will only date college guys. She was the obvious pick for Prom Queen, but she ended up not being elected. A mystery that has to hurt!
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