The Lilly Mystery

The guests all arrive at the Lilly Hotel in a steampunk world, a quaint place to stay in the middle of town, yet surrounded by woods. Actually, that sounds a little creepy. It’s a comfortable establishment with good food, but the Lilly’s claim to fame are the seances held there. So ghosts are expected, as are the dearly departed. Perhaps what is surprising are all the tawdry foibles of the living; greed, secrets, lust, and the soon to be dearly departed.

So sit down at the table and as soon as the honored guest arrives by steam driven airship you can be assured of an interesting evening… and that someone ain’t gonna make it.


Sabrina Stark
You are a widow who is quiet and mousy. Your husband was a successful businessman when he passed away. You are nice and people like you, but you tend to be absent minded. Often you will walk into a room and not know where you are.
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Maria Ochello
You may be older, but you are still an attracitve world traveler. From humble beginnings you have worked hard to build a successful travel agency. You are checking out the Lilly hotel’s accommodations as well as their famous séances.
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Heloise Goodman
You own the Lilly Hotel, named after your older sister who died when she was young. The hotel is famous for the séances you hold which are well known for being scary and convincing. You are also the perfectly gracious hostess.
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Diana Chambers
You are a mystery woman that no one knows, but they vaguely recognize you. You move in an ethereal way seeming to not even disturb the air around you, if you move, which is hardly ever. You are very still. You are also reluctant to touch people.
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Dean Johnson
A mysterious world traveler that rides a steam cycle. You know a lot about other cultures, weapons, self-defense, and wilderness survival. You have the air of someone who can handle yourself in a tight spot. You know a lot about weapons.
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Frank Shepherd
A millionaire businessman that just arrived on your lighter than air ship, “Alacrity” flown by captain Anthony Tragger. You wear classic suits and are well mannered, with a touch of sinister. You did not become successful by being a nice guy.
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Erik Berg
You are blind but self-sufficient, even sensing things others with sight miss. You don’t really believe in ghosts, but you seem to have a sensitive awareness of their presence, in particular a smell, when people say ghosts are around. 
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Captain Anthony Tragger
Captain of Frank Shepherd’s lighter than air ship “Alacrity”, you are precise in your movements, military like, and socially awkward. You are also an accomplished engineer with several patents. You give off the impression of complete reliability.
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