Welcome to my murder mystery party game start-up

Short version of what I’m up to, more to come later.

Many years ago I started writing murder mystery party games for six to twelve players. Those games were a hit with the people that play tested them, but life interfered and I had to set them aside.

Fast forward to the present, I went back and finished them up and wrote some more. We have play tested those games and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, people loved them! They keep asking me when I will make them available to everyone. In the coming months I will be planning a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough capital to print copies of the game for sale. Why don’t you join in the fun and help me fulfill a dream?

That’s it. If you are interested, or are a supporter, leave a comment or question below.

Thank you,

2 Replies to “Welcome to my murder mystery party game start-up”

  1. I have been lucky enough to play test all five of the games. Sometimes I have been the murderer and others not. Being the murderer has the extra challenge of deflecting suspicion, which I seem to be good at. Lol. Either way, dressing up, setting the scene with decorations, music, and themed food, getting into character, reading clues, getting to know a great group of people, and then matching wits with the murderer is an exciting and gripping experience. Time flies and before you know it accusations fly and the mystery is solved. Definitely addictive.

    1. Joanna,
      You were a great murderer, I learned some things from you! I’m working on some more for you to get addicted to.

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