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List of ready to produce play tested Murder Happens games

(These are the games that I will be marketing first. I have finished writing them except for the titles. Here’s an idea! You can get involved by suggesting cool game titles.)

The Beatnik who wasn’t beat, but was shot

Poetry, coffee, art, seduction, and death in the beat generation world. (Click to read more)

Nefru’s last night on the Nile

Ancient Egyptians with age old greed, lust, scandal, and the oldest of crimes. (Click to read more)

A Night to Remember, The Prom Murder

Every high school kid’s dream, every “night of the prom” nightmare. (Click to read more)

Done in Out of Prescott

A bunch of cowboys on a train out west. What could go wrong? (Click to read more)

Lilly’s Hotel, you can never leave

It’s a seance in the Steampunk world. Guess what? Death is death. (Click to read more)