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What you have to say really matters. It will help generate interest so that when the Kickstarter campaign begins there will be people ready to help, which will end up with you having more fun games to play.

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  1. We had the pleasure of playing several of the murder mystery games with friends. It is a great way to get a group of friends together, dress up and have a game themed potluck (if desired, our group did and we had a blast!). It’s something different than your usual backyard gathering! The games we played, were very well written and put together. It was challenging and fun. I highly recommend the games. Our group can’t wait for the next game!

    1. Audrey,
      Thank you for that!
      There are more on the way. In fact, one is in development right now and you might personally get a little surprise out of it.

  2. I’ve truly enjoyed Will’s fabulous Interactive murder mystery games, they keep evolving and are even more fun and intriguing. In the earlier days, solving the murder was the main purpose of the game, not as much opportunity for interaction and still loved them! The new murder mystery games have many subplots and delicious intrigue. Players will have their own wicked agendas. Characters receive detailed backgrounds, which describe their fictional relationships with other characters at the party. They also have secrets of their own, which may or may not have nothing to do with the murder. Guests take on their characters persona (though personally I need to work more on that and immerse and look the part, like superb Becky!). I enjoy the extensive social interaction and learning certain details of the crime through evidence, eavesdropping, and questioning other characters. The latest game STEAMPUNK was awesome! I loved the new facets of the game — the reading and learning about the victim after the game was solved. It could even be more fun to include other props or play money which can be used for buying information, blackmailing ( a letter), and other devious schemes.

    1. Rose, excellent suggestions! I do plan to get props involved by the way once the games are available. Blackmailing sounds fun!
      Thank you,

  3. So, if you enjoy playing games with friends and you like a good “who done it “theme, if you like mysteries and murder all wrapped into one, and you enjoy immersing yourself into the role of a crazy character- complete with costume design suggestions , psychological background and a well written script, look no further than these games.
    Get a group of friends together, plan a potluck around the theme (80’s prom, cowboy western, etc), dress up as your assigned character and let the fun begin. You will be briefed by the leader of the game in the role of the cop/detective and each character will read a short statement of where they were at the time of the crime. Then, there are many clues that will be shared with the players , some of which are just to throw off your guesses as they have no meaning to help solve the murder. All drawings, maps, clues provide the group with many intricate pieces of information to solve the murder. Players must interact and ask questions of each other to try to solve which one amongst themselves is the actual murderer. Story lines are in depth and keep the characters digging deeper to find the answers.

  4. I’ve always been interested in participating, but never had the pleasure of attending a murder mystery dinner. Not sure how I could contribute but willing to try. Thanks for the invite

    1. Rich,
      Stick with the web page and my upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Send your friends here too. The more the merrier! A character like you should have a great time doing one of these games. I will send you some info on becoming a play tester as well.
      Thanks for responding,

  5. Such a very cool and creative way to party! Dress up or dress down. Lie through your teeth or team up to find truth. No matter; fun times will be had by all!

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